Furniture Storage Solutions in Melbourne

Furniture storage offers a convenient and practical way to keep your household belongings safe and organised. Whether you’re moving, downsizing, renovating, or staging your home for lease or sale, we offer flexible storage options and a range of sizes to suit your needs.

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Reclaim your home and declutter

Regain valuable space in your home, move house with ease or store extra furniture with Melbourne Self Storage. Whatever the reason, we have the solution for you. Our flexible storage terms eliminate stress yet provide easy accessibility for all your bulky items.

If you need somewhere to store seasonal furniture, like outdoor seating, our storage solutions prevent weather-related deterioration and extends their lifespan. 

Furthermore, in the midst of significant life changes such as downsizing or combining households, this may result in an abundance of household items. If you want to donate them to charity or sell them online, self-storage provides a versatile solution to store them during the process without taking up valuable space in your home.

Protect your valuables

Store your possessions with sentimental value and preserve them for the future. Whether it’s heirlooms passed down through generations or keepsakes from meaningful moments, opt for our reliable self-storage solutions to guarantee their safekeeping.


Whether you’re doing the job yourself or are contracting professionals, the renovation process can be disruptive and create a significant amount of mess. Save yourself the time and effort of moving your furniture around room by room and keep your possessions safe and far away from dust, dirt, paint and debris with a self-storage unit.

Storing your goods away will also prevent damage to your precious goods and save you from unnecessary repairs or replacements if an accident were to happen.

Selling and leasing your home

If your house is on the market and you wish to stage it with new furniture, Melbourne Self Storage provides various sized storage options to best suit your needs. With competitive rates, we make this process affordable and easy during a busy and stressful time.

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